Performance Tool W50063 600W Garage/Shop Blower Review

When it comes to buying a new blower, many homeowners will usually buy whatever is available in their local hardware or department store (or even online) without really giving the purchase much thought. They seem to think that for as long as air comes out of the nozzle, then the blower should be fine. After all, they only need something to blow leaves or debris away, so what else should they be looking for? In addition, there are many different brands and models of blowers available in the market today, which makes the researching and choosing process much more confusing. However, if you are simply looking for a blower that can double as a vacuum, has a powerful blowing capacity, and is easy and convenient to use, then you may want to go for the Performance Tool Garage/Shop Blower.

Performance Tool W50063 600W Garage/Shop Blower

The Performance Tool Garage/Shop Blower is a two in one tool that can function both as a blower and a vacuum. As such, it can be used to blow away dirt from surfaces or leaves scattered on the lawn, or be used to pick up debris and dirt and collect them in a dedicated vacuum bag. It has a 600 watts motor capable of producing air speeds of up to 75 mph which is usually more than enough to get minor blowing and vacuuming jobs done seamlessly. Switching between the blower function and the vacuum function is relatively easy with the twist and lock system employed in the machine’s design.

This particular tool is also a great option for people who have trouble using larger blowers or vacuums, which are sometimes heavy and challenging to operate. Its compact design and the materials used makes it lightweight, allowing for extended use but without putting strain on the user’s arm or wrists. Furthermore, it has a huge handle which makes it easier to grip and hold and together with its size, easy to maneuver around difficult areas. On a side note, the compact design also makes it easier to store away when not in use. For more convenience, this blower/vacuum comes with a locking switch so you don’t have to keep pressing the button down to keep it running.

The Performance Tool Garage/Shop Blower is a corded tool, meaning it needs to be continuously plugged into an electric outlet (120 volts) in order to run. The cord’s length is pretty much standard, so if you’re planning to use this blower/vacuum all over the house, then you may need to have an extension cord ready.

Like many other corded tool, the cord here can either be a blessing or a curse. For some, corded tools are perfect, especially when continuous use is required. Also, there is no need to worry about the power source running out or its maintenance, as is the case in gas powered and battery powered devices. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about the risk of inhaling the dangerous fumes that fuels emit while being transferred into the tank. And if you really intend to use this particular product in your garage, your patio, or somewhere else in or near the house, then there is practically no need to have a cordless version unless you really want to.

Buying a blower is really much like buying any appliance, equipment, clothes, or any other item for that matter. Homeowners should first do their research before putting down any money (or entering their credit card details if the purchase is made online) in order to ensure that they are getting a blower that will both meet their requirements without costing much and causing strains during use.

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Performance Tool W50063 600W Garage/Shop Blower

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